French Doors

French Doors bring an open spacious feel to your home. The traditional two-door design is an enduring and popular favourite in any type of house.

The benefits of installing French doors are clear, the fact that there is no central bar means the doors open into a wide, unobstructed space. They fill the room with air and light, offering an uninterrupted view with maximum ventilation and practical entry into your garden or patio.

French Doors are a charming addition to any home or conservatory. Offering all the benefits of modern UPVC including noise reduction, low maintenance, safety, security and energy efficiency.

French Doors are available as open-in and open-out styles and with equal or non-equal split panes. With additional features such as Double or Triple Glazing in a range of colours with decorative glass.

Georgian Bars French Doors can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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