FAQs on UPVC Windows Double & Triple Glazing

Do you have a showroom that I can visit?

Yes, Customers are more than welcome to visit the showroom and view our wide range of Windows, Entrance Doors and Composite Doors. The opening hours are Mon-Fri 8am– 5pm & Thurs 8am-9pm

Will UPVC Windows help save money on my energy bills?

If you swapped all the single-glazed windows in a three-bedroom semi-detached house for Swish ”A” Rated Double Glazing you could save between £110 and £238 a year on your heating bill.

* figures from GGF Carbon Calculator based on typical semi-detached house using oil central heating

Are your UPVC Windows Secure, Internally Glazed?

Yes, all the Windows from Swish Windows are Internally Glazed as standard for Maximum Security along with a 2-3 point locking system with a key lock on all openings large & small. We also offer an upgraded version of the Windows & Doors if you added Security is required.

Are all UPVC Windows the same?

No not all UPVC are the same. Some are made from higher specification material for better quality and longer lasting performance and better Colour Stability.

Are the Windows that you sell Energy Rated?

Yes. All Windows are energy rated. With the Swish Window there is the option between an “A” rated Window or the Trimax Window that is “A” Rated.

Is UPVC better that other material’s for making Windows?

Due to its unique properties UPVC is well known as one of the best materials for making Windows and Door frames from, also hold better U-Values that some other popular materials eg. Wood Aluminium & Metal.

Do I need to paint UPVC Windows?

No. UPVC Windows are a remarkably low maintenance material, they easily withstand the UK Climate and there is no discolouration, no fading, no rusting and no rotting, all the maintenance required is to clean the frames along with the Glass and lubricate the Locks, Hinges and Handles annually.

Do the Windows & Doors come in any other colours than White?

Swish Windows Supply & Fit Window & Doors that are available in 12 Different Colours & Woodgrain finishes along with Duel Coloured Windows & Door, this means you can have any colour from the range outside and a totally different colour on the inside.

Click link to Colour chart

What are the benefits of UPVC Windows Double or Triple Glazing?

The benefits of double or triple glazing are widely known as being:

Energy Efficiency
Reduced Heating Bills
Heat Retention
Noise Reduction
Increased Security
Reduced Condensation

What is Trimax Triple Glazing?

A Trimax Triple Glazed Window was the first Triple Glazed Window used by Swish Windows in 2007 at a time when energy prices are going through the roof and money had to be used prudently.