Triple Glazing (TriMax)

What is Trimax Triple Glazing?

A Trimax Triple Glazed Window was the first Triple Glazed Window used by Swish Windows in 2007 at a time when energy prices were going through the roof and money had to be used prudently.

The Trimax Window was designed with utmost care and attention to achieving the Lowest possible U Value and still being ascetically pleasing. Fitting Trimax Triple Glazed Windows to your house will improve its energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Trimax Triple Glazed System incorporates a 3 pane sealed unit and our specifically designed frame that offers either Bevelled or Sculptured profile but still retains a slim attractive appearance Window.

The Trimax Triple Glazed standard specification window will allow you to achieve a U-value of 0.8 with a Centre Pane U-Value of 0.6W/M2K , well ahead of the equivalent typical double glazed option of 1.4W/M2K for an “A” rated window. The noise reduction benefits will vary depending prevailing environmental conditions.

These can be used in a wide range of Window and Door styles including Casement, Tilt & Turn, Pivot, French Door, Entrance Doors and Tilt & Slide Patio door. Available in all standard colours from stock and the full range of optional of Duel Colours.

Additional Info on Trimax

Fitting your home with new Trimax Triple Glazed Windows can improve your Windows energy efficiency by a massive 43%, compared to standard double glazing window due to its overall U-Value of 0.8W/M2K.. We know insulating other areas of your home like the roof, walls and floor can help, but neglecting your windows can result in cold spots and condensation.

That’s why Trimax Triple Glazing is designed to provide high thermal insulation keeping your home warmer and saving you money on heating bills. And of course all Trimax Triple Glazed Windows come with all the security benefits you’ve come to expect from Swish Windows.

Triple glazed windows are still a relatively new concept in the UK. Although in colder countries like Scandinavia and Canada, where homes endure extreme winter weather, they have been a building standard for decades. While we might not get the same severity of conditions, the UK does still suffer from harsh winters and increasing energy prices.